Molly’s Healing Touch

by Shea Bell
Molly's Healing Touch

Molly headstand

The hard packed sand was an invitation Molly was not going to pass up. She waved to her family then sprinted down the beach, cartwheeled back, and with a flourish, threw herself down on the sand into a headstand.

It didn’t matter that it was a cool rainy day, the gusting wind pushing and pulling. She loved the feeling of her lungs filling up with fresh salty air as she tore down the beach. Molly’s parents took her to the beach every chance they got, rain or shine.

crooked stick and treasures

Looking around, Molly decided to scavenge for beach treasures. When she wandered up to the grassy area just above the sand, she spotted something intriguing. There was a slightly crooked but very smooth stick. There were some pretty rocks and shells too, worthy of her collection, so she leaned over to stash them in her back pack. But when she picked up the stick, something weird happened.

Her hand started to disappear, then her arm. What was happening?

Before Molly could say, Wait, what? her whole body vanished and she found herself standing in a garden by an ancient stone cottage, quietly picking herbs. And she was a full grown woman! She wore a long simple skirt and apron, and on her feet, the coolest pair of blueberry blue leather boots. Then suddenly, POOF, Morgana took her place.

What was that? Morgana snapped her head around to see a messenger on horseback galloping towards her at high speed, and was alarmed when she recognized the castle emblem.

What did the King need from her?, she wondered, as the rider threw himself off his horse and strode towards her.

“You are Morgana, the Healing Woman.”

It was not a question.

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“The prince is gravely ill and requires your medical attention. It’s a whole day’s ride to the castle so we must dispatch without delay.”

With that, Morgana rushed into the cottage to collect her bag of tools and medicines. But what could be wrong with the prince? He was just a small child.

Morgana listened to the boy gasp for air, his face burning and dripping with fever. He was deathly white. She could see immediately that the prince didn’t have much longer.

“King Brian, this is what I need immediately.

  • a mortar and pestle
  • mustard seeds
  • flour
  • olive oil
  • clean towels
  • honey
  • mullein leaves for tea
  • rosemary
  • a kettle of hot water and a mug

I will also need clean bed sheets, and a fresh woolen tunic. And burn these bedclothes, everything!”

Palace staff scattered frantically in all directions and returned quickly with everything Morgana needed.
She gave directions for the mustard seeds to be ground in the mortar and pestle, and directed another anxious assistant to set the kettle over the fire so she could make some medicinal tea with the mullein leaves. some medicinal tea with the mullein blossoms. All the necessary cloths and bandages were plunged into boiling water so they would be as clean as possible. Morgana was pleased at how well the team was working together.

Finally a huge iron cauldron of water was hung over the blazing fire and fresh rosemary branches tossed in. When the water reached a rolling boil the oils in the leaves released their fragrance. It wasn’t long before the bedchamber was full of healing steam that would help open the prince’s breathing passages and loosen the infection in his lungs.

The King threw himself against the wall, terrified, but also amazed, and unable to speak. At least he wouldn’t be in the way.

Moving quickly, Morgana mixed the mustard powder with honey, olive oil and flour until she had a thick paste, then slathered it in a heavy layer all over the prince’s chest. Finally, a stack of thick towels were layered on top of the paste to seal the heat on the prince’s tiny body.

The practice of magic was strictly forbidden in the realm. Morgana hoped she was not in mortal danger if final efforts failed. Surely with the prince in such dire circumstances, she would not be punished. She hoped it would be worth the risk and decided to trust herself. Besides, the king was not making a move.

With a deep breath Morgana laid the wand on the prince’s chest then placed the gemstone heart directly over his own heart. Drawing a stool to the end of the bed, she placed her hands gently on the prince’s temples and lowered her own head until it almost touched his forehead. Finally, in hushed tones, she whispered the enchantment.


“I place this wand
upon your chest
with a healing heart
to give you rest.
Feel warm loving energy
and lay still as can be.
Receive the healing light
I send now to thee.
You are healed.

Sometime during the night the prince cracked open his eyes, his shivering stopped, and he was able to take some hot mullein and honey tea. Morgana heaved a weary sigh of relief and headed for the closest chair. Since the prince seemed to be out of danger it was safe to leave his side. She was exhausted, but all she could think of was what might have happened if the prince had not survived.

The king was grateful the tales of Morgana’s healing gifts were true and that he was able to summon her in time. His own medics, as well as the palace priest, had failed miserably.

Before she left, King Brian pleaded with Morgana to stay as his chief medic. She thanked him and said she would return any time. But she knew she was of more service in her village, where the old ways were understood and welcomed, and where her life would not be in danger for practicing magic.

Back home Morgana decided to clean and sort her medicine bag. But when she put her hand on the wand, she felt a strange vibration travel up her arm and spread throughout her body.

And with that, Morgana disappeared.

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The practice of magic was strictly forbidden in the realm

“Molly, Molly, where are you? It’s time to go home” her mom called out. Molly was not far away so looked up and waved. She sat cross-legged in the sand feeling strange, like she was missing

“That’s an interesting stick you found”, her mother remarked. Molly looked down at the stick in her other hand and her belly did a flip flop. Actually, she did feel as if she had been somewhere, but had absolutely no idea where or what might have happened.

The End ~ for now.

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Nell March 24, 2022 - 7:34 am

Sweet story, Shea. I love the photos too.

Shea Bell March 24, 2022 - 9:18 pm

Hi Nel, so glad you had a chance to read it. As you can tell the girls are my inspiration. Hope you two are cruising.

Darlene March 24, 2022 - 10:41 am

A wonderful story. Very entertaining. Well done!!

Shea Bell March 24, 2022 - 9:16 pm

Thanks Darlene. It was fun to write!


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